Mystery tengkuban perahu

The story of Mount Maras - Behind the beauty of Mount Maras, it turns out the tourist attractions in Bandung this mystery of a legendary story and you kontroversi.Tahukah Folklore Mount Maras was like what?

Info Tourist Attractions in Bandung this time it will review the secrets and mysteries of a mountain in Bandung Java Mount Maras Barat.Mengenang back for me personally of course as a flash back memory of how I first learned of this story Sangkuriang time seeing a movie at Cinema My little town in the 1980s.
Before proceeding, it helps you read my previous article namely: Mount Maras Bandung, for your reference, if there is a plan to visit tourist attractions in Bandung in the form of tips visit tangkuban boat.

Let us continue, The Story of Mount tangkuban boat Bandung certainly has historical value and history are very very strong for the people of western Java or ethnic Sundanese khususnya.Karena story of the tourist attractions in Bandung is truly phenomenal and famous who described an incident "taboo" in which people Sundanese or other tribes will definitely not agree if there is a child who loves and wants to marry his own mother (incest if today).
So what do the story of a child who loves her mother with the story of Mount Maras Lembang? nah it here later I will tell legends or myths sights in Bandung is ending its like, the story definitely guaranteed fun and for those who first want to know the story, you are already very appropriate here.

The story of Mount Maras
Legend story Tourist Attractions in Bandung on Mount Maras began when Long ago, the child was a beautiful daughter of a king named Sungging Perbangkara of a great empire in western Java. The princess named Dayang Sumbi. Beauty Dayang Sumbi very famous all over the country at that time. Many kings of the kingdom fighting just to make Dayang Sumbi as his future wife. Felt himself was the source of war, Dayang Sumbi finally decided to go into the forest and live there.

Mount Maras legend began, when Dayang Sumbi was weaving in exile, spun yarn she used to fall. Because lazy take the yarn spun, he said to himself with a vow that "Who can fetch the yarn spun, he would be my husband." Suddenly a dog pick up the yarn spun and gave it to Dayang Sumbi. The dog named Tumang. Tersbut not ajing ordinary dog, it is said he is a descendant of the god. Since it has been promised, finally Dayang Sumbi make Tumang as her husband and their marriage dikaruniahi of a boy named Sangkuriang.

Sangkuriang as a character story Origins Mount Maras were then grown into a handsome young man, mighty and powerful. During his life, he was always accompanied by Tumang deems just a faithful dog, not the father. Once, Sangkuriang asked to hunt with Tumang by his mother, Dayang Sumbi.

"Mom, I will bring a deer to your heart" Sangkuriang promise.
"Huff ... huff" Tumang bark.
"Well, son, careful yes." Dayang Sumbi said.

Told in Folklore Mount Maras, Sangkuriang and Tumang start hunting deer. After hunting all day without results, Sangkuriang worried would make her upset. Brief thought, he took his bow and menembakannya towards Tumang and take heart then take it home to give to his mother.

At home Sangkuriang give the heart to his mother. Dayang Sumbi but realize that it is in fact not a deer liver but the liver of a dog named Tumang.Lantas Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang angry and beat with a spoon in his head.

After the incident, then Sangkuriang went and toured all over the country until the time he arrived back at his village without his realizing it. There he met a beautiful woman who is actually his mother, who has a very long he stayed away, because angry after the incident.
In the story of Mystery Stories Mount Maras, mentioned that eventually Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi which is a figure of the beautiful woman was falling in love with each other and they decided to get married.

Dayang Sumbi but then realized that the man she loved was her own son because he saw a scar in the head Sangkuriang. To discourage Sangkuriang marry her, Dayang Sumbi was then asked two things impossible as a condition of marriage to Sangkuriang.

"If you want to marry me, make a lake and a very large boat in one night" pleaded Dayang Sumbi.

"Ready, if you want it. I will give what you ask for. "Sangkuriang agree.
Brief time, narrated story Origins Mount Maras, with all the magic and strength and help the spirits, the second such request was deemed could be accomplished in a single night. Sangkuriang also make a lake by damming rivers Citarum and make a boat. Sangkuriang concerned will menyelesaikanya, Dayang Sumbi pray to God to help her to thwart the intention Sangkuriang. Suddenly light appears and the eastern horizon of the morning came.
Thinking that his efforts futile. With anger mounting, then Sangkuriang also kicked the boat that overturned. Then the boat into a mountain known as the Tangkuban Perahu. Tangkuban means upside down and Parahu means boat.

Well how? interesting is not it? so Certita Mystery Tangkuban boats which are very popular in Indonesia and even abroad itu.Lantas what we can take lessons or lessons of folklore tangkuban the boat.?

What is clear, occurrence of Mount Maras stories that provide learning that the Indonesian people are religious and very high uphold customs and traditions tinggi.Kisah confidence of forbidden love and Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang very clearly not something that should be emulated by us today, even though the case incest / incest marriages are now beginning to worry about the outside world.

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