This is the discloser Yupa inscription Contents History Kutai Kingdom

Yupa inscription is the main source that reveals the history of the kingdom of Kutai. The existence of the oldest Hindu kingdom in Indonesia was known as the inscription relics were altogether 7. Yupa Yupa itself is a stone pillar that is used to tie the victim in the form of animals or humans to be sacrificed to the gods. In the stone pillar there is a series of writings carved on its surface. Writings contained in the inscription yupa all using Sanskrit and script / Pallawa.

Yupa inscription
Yupa inscription
Inscription contents YupaThe writings contained in the seventh Yupa inscription none of which contains / is accompanied by the number of years of manufacture, so that Yupa inscription is not clearly known when he began to be made. Nevertheless, by comparing the shape of the letter, experts estimate Yupa-yupa comes from the 4th century AD.Yupa inscription contents concerning aspects of political lifeYupa inscription contents of the first mentions that the first king of the kingdom of Kutai is Kudungga. Kudungga which is the original name of Indonesia at that time showed that he was not the founder of the royal family. In addition, Yupa said also that during the reign of the kingdom of Kutai Asmawarman in a ceremony held Aswamedha. This ceremony is a ceremony of release of the horses to determine the boundaries of the kingdom of Kutai region.

"The King of man famous, great Kudungga have a famous son Aswawarman (name) as well as Amuman, is the founder of a glorious dynasty. He has three famous sons similar to the three sacred fire. Among the three sons of the most prominent and well-known because they ketegasanya, strength and patience is Mulawarman. Mahar King had offered sacrifices Shoulder Suwarnakam. To sacrifice that this memorial stone was set up by the head among people who experienced a second birth. "Yupa inscription mentions King Kudungga succeeded by his son, King Aswawarman, later replaced by his grandson King Mulawarman. In the reign of King Mulawarmanlah, Kutai kingdom experienced its heyday. After the reign of Mulawarman, no longer known who the kings who ruled further due to limited sources of history.Yupa inscription contents of Aspect Social LifeBased on the contents of the next Yupa inscriptions, it is known that in the 4th century AD in Kutai kingdom there is an Indonesian society that has received many Hindu influence so as to establish a kingdom orderly pattern of governance mernurut kingdoms in India. This is important because it shows aspects of social life at that time followed a pattern that has evolved with the times. Indonesian society accepts the elements that come from India and develop it in accordance with the traditions of the Indonesian people themselves.

When the King is famous and well-known Mulawarman give gifts thousand cows and a tree to the chaplain who resembles a fire sacrifice the most blessed place (named) Vaprakeswara on good cultivation pole that the memorial is made if the priests gathered here.Yupa inscription contents of Cultured Life AspectsLife and cultural development of society Kutai closely linked to the beliefs or their religion. Yupa inscription is one of the results of the public culture Kutai. Inscription in the form of a stone pillar to tie the victim to be sacrificed. But actually it is a stone monument of cultural heritage of Indonesian ancestor of that era meghalitikum culture menhir. One Yupa inscription mentions a shrine with Vaprakecvara said. Vaprakecvara is a large field where the worship of the god Shiva. It shows that the Hindu religion is Hindu Shiva adopted. The assumption is supported also by the level of influence that religious Pallava kingdom Shiva and the role of brahmins in Kutai kingdom sizable as well as the role of religion brahmins in Siwa.

"Hopefully, the most prominent pastors and other holy people hear praiseworthy deeds of the famous King Mulawarman and glorious. Hopefully they hear the big prize, the prize ox, gifts magic tree, a gift the land, above the overflow of charity reverence of the pole sacrificial memorial service was founded by the priests. "Thus the exposure of the contents Yupa inscriptions that reveal the history of the Hindu kingdom located in Muara Kaman, in the upper reaches of the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan. May be useful for your reference.

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