History Origin of Angklung

Angklung is one double-pitched musical instruments (multitonal) Sundanese cultural heritage made of bamboo. This instrument is played by shaking bamboo pipe such that the bamboo hit the inside and produce a tone. Unesco designated musical instrument as oral non material cultural heritage in this past November 2010 is now known throughout the world. Nevertheless, the origin of the instrument that is still a mystery.

History Origin of AngklungUntil now, the history of the origin of angklung is still not known with certainty because of the limitations of historical evidence could be found. However, based on some research by archaeologists, angklung is expected to start there since the Neolithic Stone Age and continued to grow until the early twentieth century modern dating. From this reason, the instrument is regarded as a genuine cultural heritage of Indonesia
In the latest period, angklung portrayed in sirat Chronicle Sunda. In the book, the origins of angklung is told very closely related to Sundanese culture agrarian society that relied on agriculture as a livelihood. Angklung is associated with ritual summon Dewi Sri Pohaci which is the Goddess of Rice. When they wanted to plant rice, ancient Sundanese people play angklung in the middle of rice fields will be planting. By doing so, they believe the rice to be planted will grow well and produce a harvest that much.
Types of AngklungAngklung can be made using two types of bamboo are bamboo and bamboo black and white. Of the two variants of this bamboo, angklung can be made into several types namely Angklung Dogdog Lojor, Angklung Kanekes, Angklung Badeng, Angklung gubrag, Angklung Goon, Angklung Panempas, Angklung Enclok, Angklung Ambrug, Angklung Pancer, Angklung Bungko, Angklung Badud, Angklung Ciusul, Sundanese angklung, Angklung Padaeng, and much more.

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