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Ulos is typical Batak woven fabric shaped shawl. This sacred object is a symbol of blessing, love and unity, according to the Batak proverb which says: "Ijuk pangihot Hodong ni, ni pangihot Ulos Holong", which means that if the fibers are binding on the stem sheaths are then Ulos binder affection among others.
Literally, Ulos means blanket that warms the body and protect it from exposure to cold air. According to the Batak tribe ancestral belief there are three sources that provide heat to the men, the sun, fire and Ulos. The third source of warmth Ulos considered the most comfortable and familiar with everyday life.

Formerly Batak tribal ancestors are humans mountains, thus the name pinned on their history. This is due to their habit of living and farming in the mountains. By inhabiting the highlands means they must be ready to fight against the bitter cold weather. From this history begins Ulos.
At first their ancestors relied on sunlight and fire as a shield against the cold. Small problem arises when they realize that the sun can not be governed in accordance with the wishes of men. During the day clouds and overcast often being unfriendly. Being at night feeling cold deepened and fire as a second choice turned out to be not so practical to use the time to sleep because of the high risk. being forced by the pressing needs of their ancestors finally think hard to find a more practical alternative. Thus was born as a product of a genuine cultural Ulos Batak tribe.
Ulos certainly not directly be sacred in the early days of its appearance. In accordance with the laws of nature Ulos has also gone through a long process that takes a long time, before finally becoming one of the Batak tribe custom symbol as it is now. Unlike the sacred Ulos we know, first Ulos even used blankets or bedding by Batak tribal ancestors. But Ulos they use much higher quality, thicker, softer and with a very artistic motif.

After becoming known, Ulos increasingly popular because it is practical. Unlike the sun that sometimes stinging and sometimes hide, nor like a fire that can lead to disaster, Ulos can be taken anywhere. Gradually Ulos become a primary need, because it can also be used as a beautiful fabrics with interesting motifs. Ulos then have a more important meaning when it began to be used by indigenous elders and village leaders in customs official meetings. Coupled with the customs of the ancestors Batak tribe who always choose Ulos to be used as a gift or gifts to people they care about.
Ulos now has a symbolic function for a variety of things in all aspects of the life of the Batak. Ulos become an inseparable part of tribal life Batak.
Mangulosi, is one of the things that is very important in Batak. Mangulosi literally means giving Ulos. Mangulosi not just the usual gift-giving, because this ritual implies deep enough. Mangulosi symbolizes giving the blessing, the outpouring of affection, hope and other virtues.
In a ritual mangulosi there are some rules that must be adhered to, among other things that a person should only be those which, according mangulosi said or lineage is under, for example, a parent may mengulosi children, but children should not be mangulosi parents. In addition, given the type Ulos must be in accordance with the provisions of customs. Because each Ulos has its own meaning, when used, is delivered to whom and how the traditional ceremony, so the function can not interchangeable.
In the process, Ulos also given to the "non Batak". This gift can be interpreted as a tribute and affection to the recipient Ulos. For example the provision of Ulos to the President or State officials, always accompanied by prayer and hope that in carrying out the duties he was always in the warmth and compassion to the people and the people they lead.

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