Ajian Brajamusti

Want to have a tremendous blow tremendous strength, so that your enemies can knees in an instant? If so, maybe you should learn about a spell called Ajian Brajamusti. Never heard of this spell before? If not, see our exposure on this one as well spell the origin and how to get it below.

Ajian Brajamusti (Kanuragan)
Brajamusti spell is a spell kanuragan used those ancient times to knock out an opponent while fighting. The warriors of the past is not going to go down the mountain if he had not been provided by the spell of this one. Brajamusti is the ultimate spell of the many sciences in the existing power, therefore we can say that this spell is one of the high-level spell.

Ajian Brajamusti

Ajian awesomeness Brajamusti
Ajian Brajamusti be regarded as one of the high-level spell because the severity and virulence terrible. With this Brajamusti spell, so we could have a punch strength is remarkable. We blow that normally only can mempenyokan banana stems, with little learning, rialat, and penance, we can turn it into a blow that could destroy the iron even though thick concrete. Blow Brajamusti spell can also be done at distant targets. Its strength is the same even if the opponent is> 5 meters in front of you/

Learning Ajian Brajamusti
Rialat conducted to obtain Brajamusti spell is quite simple. Only effects that need to be considered carefully.

A person who has a spell Brajamusti be a patient man, one who could hold his temper, and not light hand. If not, it would be very dangerous. He will not be able to control my anger, so that certain people who may only make a small error can be destroyed because of his punch.

To have Brajamusti spell, some rialat and penance that can be done include
  1. Fasting by eating white rice and white water only was it for 7 days with the provisions of open and dawn on the first day only eat 7 lump of rice and water, the second day eat 6 clod white rice and white water, and so reduced the fist. 
  2. On the seventh day of fasting while mutih do not sleep at night
The power of prayer to obtain

Tereptrep ing awakku, gebar-gebyar panuwunku, kade gerah subawaku, kade gunting drijiku, watu item ing tanganku, sang katrajang remuk ajur mekso ilang tanpo bayu, hiyo aku braja musti, Laa Ilaha Illalloh Muhammadarrosululloh 

Well, that's a few things related to spell Brajamusti, virulence, and how to get it. Do not mess with this spell. Make sure you really ready inwardly and outwardly to learn. 

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