Lake Maninjau

Lake Maninjau is a caldera lake that also has exceptional beauty. The lake is located 36km west of the city of Bukittinggi is one of the main objectives of both local and foreign travelers negarayang mostly as a place for paragliding. Tourism Maninjau not only presents a natural landscape but also the local Minangkabau culture, both customary events and also culinary tasty and appetizing. Therefore, Maninjau is the most famous tourist destinations in Sumatra.

There are several legends about Maninjau circulating in Minangkabau society of Single Part of the lake. However, according to geologists, the history of the formation of Maninjau Lake is a caldera formed by volcanic eruptions are expected to occur approximately 52,000 years ago. Former geological eruption was found stretches of up to 50 km to the east, 75 km to the southeast, and west to the coast this. Maninjau has an area of ​​99,5km ², and the length of 16km and a width of 7 km. Has average depth - average 105m and a maximum depth of 165m. With Antokan River as a natural channel for excess water which is located on the west side of the lake. Maninjau is the only lake in Sumatra, which has a natural channel to the west coast of Sumatra. Since 1983 Maninjau waterways have been used to generate hydroelectric power for West Sumatra that can generate power of 68 megawatts of electricity.

The beauty of Lake Maninjau has become a byword not only in Indonesia, but foreign countries. President Sukarno was never written beauty of this lake, which makes many tourists who want to see directly what is written Indonesia's first president. Lake Maninjau. There are also some idioms that reads and has a very afdol meaning if a visit to the land of minang without taking the time to Maninjau. If viewed from the top will look stunning horizon line as if the clouds were right above the lake, the water is calm and clear as if into a mirror for the sky above Maninjau.

 Ease of transportation to the lake is also fairly easy to reach. You also can save money and can do tours backpaper to achieve it. If you only have a rather tight, you can use the transport flights to Padang, with a range of 650 thousand - up to 1 million. Or want to travel right - extreme right, you can use the train or bus between provinces, and you should not forget to bring a map and ask the railway lines at the station before you leave. Make sure you arrive at the first port of Bakauheni peacock as a port that delivers you from the island of Java through the Strait of Sunda land to Sumatra. 

 In short, once you reach Padang Sumatra immediately to look for a good public transportation or travel. There are two paths that can be mengantarakan you towards this lake. The first is the western route, which passes through the area of ​​Padang Pariaman and then stopped in Lubuk cone as the capital of Agam. For the second line, you can use the lanes east of Padang to Bukittinggi. After that you can find public buses to reach Maninjau, Bukittinggi service - Maninjau with onkos 15 thousand - 20 thousand routes that have a beautiful panorama when passed, the route there were 44 that can bend into a story of its own when it passed.

 Nearby there are several facilities at Lake Maninjau in West Sumatra is that you can use to pass the time when you visit, one of which you can go fishing and can also hire paragliding for those who like extreme sports. There are also several lodging, either from star hotels to budget class though. There is also a homestay provided by residents about those of you who want to engage directly with the activities of local residents as well as to save you. More enjoyable for the foodies are a variety of dishes with distinctive flavors of delicious Minangkabau

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