Borobudur temple history

Borobudur is the name of a Buddhist temple Borobudur is located in the district of Magelang regency in Indonesia
which is located south + 15 km south of the town of Magelang kedu hilly plains almost entirely surrounded by mountains, the mountains surrounding the Borobudur temple in between the east there Merbabu and Mount Merapi West, Sea Sumbing and Sindoro.

A BRIEF HISTORY OF ORIGIN BOROBUDURTIME ESTABLISHEDMany books - history books are written about Borobudur temple Borobudur temple but when it was founded can not know for sure but an estimate can be obtained with a brief article in pahatkan above the original foot frame Borobudur temple reliefs show the letters similar to the one in getting the inscription on the end of the century - 8 until the early twentieth century - 9of the evidence - such evidence can be deduced that the Borobudur Temple was founded around 800 BC.

Conclusions The above it turned out to correspond exactly to the framework of the history of Indonesia in general and the history that is in the area of ​​Central Java in particularthe period between centuries - 8 and mid-century - 9 at the famous Gold century Wangsa SyailendraThis triumph marked on the rise and a large number of temples on the slopes - the slopes of the mountain most typical buildings standing hindu while scattered on the plains - the plains are typical Buddhist buildings but there are also some typical Hindu
Thus can be deduced that Borobudur was built by the Sailendra dynasty famous in history because as an effort to uphold and glorify Mahayana Buddhism.
Development stage Borobudur

  • The first stage. Borobudur construction period is not known for sure (estimated at between 750 and 850 AD). Initially built-storey apartment layout. It seems designed as a pyramid staircase. but was later changed. As there is evidence that demolished apartment layout. 
  • The second stage. Borobudur foundation widened, plus two square steps and one step directly circle given a large parent stupas.
  • The third stage. Steps over the circle with a large parent stupas dismantled and removed and replaced three railroad circles. Stupas built on top of these steps with a large stupa in the middle.
  • The fourth stage. There are small changes such as the manufacture of relief changes stairs and arch over the door.
RecoveryBorobudur the wonders of the world towering among lowlands around him.
Will never make sense they see the greatest works of art is the result of the work was amazing and nothing more absurd when in said Borobudur never damaged
That is so Borobudur forgotten during the grace period long enough even to centuries - so magnificent buildings faced with the destruction process.only an estimated 150 years of Borobudur in use as a pilgrimage center, a short time compared to the age when workers decorate / build natural hill of Borobudur temple with stones - under the rule of a very famous, namely Samaratungga,around the year 800  idea with the end of the Mataram kingdom 930 AD and cultural life center shifted to the east of Java
Similarly, since abandoned, neglected so long - longer there - here growing kind of - kind of wild plants gradually become overgrown and covered the building.In the Estimates century - 10 Borobudur neglected and forgotten.
New in 1814 AD thanks to the efforts of Sir Thomas Stamford Rafles Borobudur emerged from the darkness of the past.Rafles was Lt. Governor General English, when Indonesia in controlled / in invaded England in 1811 AD -1816 AD.
In 1835 AD the entire temple is exempted from what is the view of the barrier by the second President named Hartman,because so interested to Borobudur temple so that he sought a further cleaning,debris - debris still covering the temples in and remove the soil that covers the hall - the hall of the temple in the temple get rid of all that is good in the previous compare.

First Photo Borobudur of 1873
First Photo Borobudur of 1873
Rescue BorobudurSince the Borobudur temple is found repair and restoration efforts began back building Borobudurfirst - at first only done small - piecemeal and the making of images - images and pictures - photo reliefs.Restoration of Borobudur temple which was first held in 1907 AD - 1911 AD under the leadership of Mr. Van erf with the intention is to avoid damage - even greater damage than building Borobudur

Although many parts of the wall or walls - the walls, especially the level of the bottom three of the Northwest, North and Northeast are still lopsided and very worrying for the visitors as well as the building itself, but the job has been temporarily Van Erp Borobudur can be saved from further damage big.
Regarding the gate - gate only a few are already at that time had been working to restore the glory of the past,but it also needs to realize that the years - years in Borobudur through for hidden in the bush - bush indirectly cover and protect from inclement weather that may damage the building Borobudur,Van Erp believes tilted and meleseknya wall - the wall of the building was not very dangerous to the building,That opinion until 50 years later it is not wrong but since 1960 AD opinion of Mr. Van erf was started in doubt and in fear there will be more damage
Borobudur RestorationThe restoration of Borobudur in starting on August 10, 1973inscription commencement of work restoration of Borobudur temple is located in the Northwest Facing eastrefurbishment employees no less than 600 of them there are workers - young high school graduates and SIMbuildings that are given education, especially regarding the theory and practice in the field of Archaeology Chemika (CA) and Technology Archaeology (TA)
Archaeology technology served to dismantle and put stones - Borobudur while Chemika Archaeology charge of cleaning and repairing the stone - the stone cracked and broken,jobs - job retention above all archeology is handled by the agency restoration of Borobudur temple,whereas the work of a technical nature such as the provision of transport providing materials - building materials handled by contractors(PT Nidya WORKS AND THE CONTRUCTION AND DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION OF THE Filipine).
Part - part Borobudur temple in pugar is part Rupadhatu ie a lower level of the square while the foot of Borobudur temple and the porch I, II, III and stupa participate in pugar restoration was completed on February 23, 1983 under the leadership of DR M Soekmono marked with an inscription stone weighing + 20 tons.
Inscription inauguration of the completion of restoration is in the western courtyard with a huge stone in the make with the two parts of the north-facing one another facing eastwriting in the inscription is signed directly by the experts and skilled personnel from Yogyakarta who work at Borobudur restoration project.
Overview The process of restoration of Borobudur Time

  • 1814 - Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Governor General of Great Britain in Java, heard of the discovery of archaeological objects in the village of Borobudur. Raffles ordered H.C. Cornelius to investigate the discovery site, a hill covered with shrubs.
  • 1873 - The first monograph published about the temple.
  • 1900 - The Dutch East Indies government established a committee of restoration and maintenance of Borobudur.
  • 1907 - Theodoor van Erp led the restoration until 1911.
  • 1926 - Borobudur restored again, but stopped in 1940 due to the crisis malaise and World War II.
  • 1956 - The Indonesian government requested the assistance of UNESCO. Prof. Dr. C. Coremans came to Indonesia from Belgium to investigate the causes of damage to Borobudur.
  • 1963 - The Indonesian government issued a decree to restore Borobudur, but the mess after the event G-30-S.
  • 1968 - At a conference-15 in France, UNESCO agreed to provide assistance to rescue Borobudur.
  • 1971 - The Indonesian government established a body chaired by the restoration of Borobudur Prof.Ir.Roosseno.
  • 1972 - International Consultative Committee was formed with the involvement of various countries and Roosseno as chairman. UNESCO-sponsored committees provide 5 million US dollars of the cost of restoration of 7,750 million US dollars. The rest covered Indonesia. 
  • August 10, 1973 - President Suharto inaugurated the start of the restoration of Borobudur; restoration was completed in 1984
  • January 21, 1985 - bomb attacks that destroyed some of the stupa at Borobudur was soon restored. The attack carried out by Islamic extremist group led by Husein Ali Al Ethiopia. 
  • 1991 - Borobudur designated as a UNESCO World Heritage.
The Stones Warning restoration of Borobudur temple with the help of UNESCO
History umpteen Borobudur temple for further discussion on the post will we next... 

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